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paying homage to the brilliant and multi-talented Ben Elton

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BIO (from "Plays: 1")

Ben Elton has without a doubt established himself as the leading figure in the generation of British comedy stars who emerged in the 1980s. He first achieved prominence when he co-wrote the groundbreaking smash hit BBC situation comedy "The Young Ones". Ben then went on to write for all the principle comedians of his generations with his series such as "Happy Families" and "Filthy Rich & Catflap". In 1985 Ben began his phenomenally successful writing partnership with Richard Curtis, writing the award-winning "Blackadder" series and in 1995 he wrote and produced another award-winning comedy series "The Thin Blue Line". Ben has written best-selling novels and in 1996 The Crime Writers' Association awarded "Popcorn" the Gold Dagger Award for Fiction. Ben's stage plays have enjoyed enormous success both in the regions and London's West End and "Popcorn", having won the TMA Barclay's Theatre Award for Best New Play in 1997, went on to win the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy. Ben Elton is best known as a stand-up comedian and his television shows, which he writes himself, have made him a popular and highly regarded comedy performer whose tours are invariably a sell-out, both in the UK and abroad.

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